365wordgirl_web365wordgirl is an Official Associated Exhibition of the Head On Photo Festival 2016.

Opening exhibition night May 5th 2016. 6pm-9pm

Exhibition showing until the 8th of May

The Space – 282 Wyndham St, Alexandria.


A self portrait photographic project with a twist. 365wordgirl invited visitors to enter random words thus forming the basis of 52 self portraits. Each portrait uses 7 words in the order entered. 365wordgirl is a journey of self discovery via the words of random people from all corners of the globe.


Melissa Katherine investigates and explores the ‘self’ in the context of random internet connections and the social networking phenomenon. Embarking on a journey of self discovery and riding on the words that are randomly fed via the internet, she endeavours to challenge the ways in which we perceive our self image and the ways in which we can become empowered.

The process is just as important as the finished project. This project and the body of work it encompasses, seeks to investigate causality, random connections, global social networking, arm’s length photography and new modes of self-portraiture.

Self Portrait 26 of 52